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We publish the Bulletin 2-3 times per year, with articles, original research, and news about our members and the Society’s activities. Here are some of the articles contained, and editions from 2014 to 2015 can be downloaded in pdf format here.

Issue 172 – Autumn 2021

Editorial – Paul Sowan 1940-2021 – From the Society’s Museum collection – Eileen Deste, Photographer 1909–1986 – The east side of Station Road West Croydon . . . gone! – The First-ever Athletic Air Passenger? – Linguistic Musings – CNHSS Post Vacancies – Mr. Simon Barnett: an appreciation – The CNHSS Museum archaeological collection of Walter H Bennett, FRS, 1892–1971 – A Postcard of Thornton Heath Pond 1904 – 150th Anniversary

Issue 170 formed the paperwork for the 2021 Annual General Meeting, available on request.

Issue 171 – Spring 2021

Editorial – Infections, epidemics and a pandemic at Cane Hill Asylum – Then and Now: Coombe Corner – 50 Years of Decimalisation – Croydon in 1934 – Overlapping Lives (book reviews) – Interim Report on ‘Deadboard’ or ‘Graveboard’ Research – From the Society’s Museum Collection – Bob Steel 1955-2020 – A Postcard of Old Town about 1905

Issue 170 formed the paperwork for the 2021 Annual General Meeting, available on request.

Issue 169 – Autumn 2020

150th Anniversary – Editorial and Covid-19 – Our new President, Carole Roberts – Happy Valley & Farthing Downs Nature Trail: now it speaks – News of Croydon through the lens of Charles Harrison Price Exhibition – From the Society’s Museum Collection – The 1870 Elementary Education Act – Some examples of Wireless Technology Infrastructure – Eric Gill in Croydon – Surrey Street in 1946 – Croydon Ragged School 1846 to 1870 and the Stareys – The Cherry Orchard Road area – Talk notes from Ron Cox – Could this be a source for our present name? – Books for sale – A postcard of South London 1838

Issue 168 – Spring 2020

150th Anniversary News: Opening event at the Old Palace – Editorial – Our 150th anniversary in 2020 – what are we celebrating? – Open Spaces Project appeal for participants – Croham Hurst postcard – The Speculum of Archbishop Thomas Secker: His Visitation of Croydon Church – Flints, from Russell Hill, Purley – Our Changing Landscape and the Story of Coulsdon Chalk – Observations on the Vicar of Croydon’s view of the bawdiness at certain shrines – Rowland Philipps (1497/8 – 1538?) a vicar of Croydon under surveillance – Goings on in the Garden – The Garden at Wellesley House during the Residency of Jabez Spencer Balfour – From the Society’s Museum Collection – Cranmer, Cromwell and Croydon – Book Review: A New World in Essex: The Rise and Fall of the Purleigh Brotherhood Colony, 1896 –1903 – Marking Holocaust Day and the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz 27th January 1945 – Croydon through the lens of Charles Harrison Price: Town Hall exhibition of photographs – NLA Tower or No.1 Croydon – From South Norwood to Glastonbury: Removing Barriers Locally for Global Benefit – Peaty Blinders.

Issue 167 formed the paperwork for the 2020 Annual General Meeting, available on request.

Issue 166 – October 2019

Our 150th Anniversary – Editorial – From the Society’s Museum Collection – Green Spaces Event June 2019 – Brief Biography Staff Nurse Phyllis Pearse – Explosion in a South Norwood Laboratory – Why did the Archbishops Abandon Croydon? – Archbishop Shaken by Earthquake – A Collection of Prehistoric Flint Artefacts from Russell Hill, Purley, made by Robert Garraway Rice, JP, FSA, 1852 – 1933 – Newly appointed Croydon Museum & Archive Manager: Marie Tulley-Rose – Jessica Woolf, new Collections Officer for the Museum of Croydon – Esther Mann, new Whitgift Foundation Heritage Manager – Miscellany – Book Reviews: The disappearance of Emile Zola; London Fog – Did the Vikings come to Croydon? – Alien invaders at Croham Hurst – A Homage To Hogweed – The Swan and Sugar Loaf, South Croydon.

Issue 165 – March 2019

Sesquicentennial Anniversary 2020 ― Editorial ― Concord in Croydon: the Church Congress, 1877 ― Then and Now: South Norwood ― Obituaries ― Ellen Harriet Capon, A Girl ‘Called-Up’ ― Greenbelt : The Elephant In the Room ― Then and Now: High Street Croydon ― Provision for growing orange trees at Croydon Palace and Carew Manor, Beddington ― Crossing the Line at South Norwood: The Croydon Canal, The London & Croydon and London & Brighton Railways, and A Once-lonely Country Road in South London – Miscellany ― Two Early Spring Bees in Croydon ― Some moths new to Surrey in the Croydon area

Issue 164 formed the paperwork for the 2019 Annual General Meeting, available on request.

Issues 162 and 163 – September 2018

Seretse and Ruth Khama ― Ronald Cox, an eulogy by David Cox ― Croydon news from 1718 ― Croydon news and more news from 1818 ― Winchester comes to South Norwood: commemorating the diver, William Walker ― Book review: Mrs Pankhurst’s Purple Feather by Tessa Boase ― Book review: Insecticide: Life in the Bushes of a Small Peckham Park by Penny Frith ― Book review: Outskirts: Living Life on the Edge of the Green Belt by John Grindrod ― Alfred Russel Wallace and the John Hampden flat earth wager of 1870 ― General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – Then and now, comparing past and present in Central Croydon and in Portland Road South Norwood ― Ragwort: a valuable plant for wildlife ― Fire on Croham Hurst ― London Wildlife Trust nature reserves in Croydon ― My first encounter with the Society in 1949 by Paul Sowan ― Claimed Roman culture of the saffron crocus at Croydon ― The last visible trace of the Croydon Airport railway ― The burial vault at St Mary’s Church Lambeth and its Croydon connections ―  A visit to the Grange Wood Museum Thornton Heath in 1912 ― Philip Green, British Home Stores and Croydon ― Reinstatement of a Croydon Parish boundary post on the Beddington border on or near the Mere Bank ― Collection of Alfred Russel Wallace’s papers comes to light ― The Microscopical Club and the Natural History Club visits the bottom of the well in Addington in 1887 ― Water mills at the Old Palace in the late 18th/early 19th centuries ― The Drovers’ Road cattle market – one trough or two? ― Croydon’s proposed fourth tram tunnel: a threat to Heathfield averted ― The other CNHSS ceases publication of Proceedings ― Congratulations to the Leatherhead and District Local History Society ― The weekend we took over Croydon Town Hall ― Tamworth Road: why Tamworth? ― The day over 700 people turned up for one of our meetings ― An Edwardian free newspaper: The Sanderstead and South Croydon Review ― James Glaisher FRS (1809-1903): an adventurous Victorian and former resident of South Croydon ― A railway oddity at Croydon

Issue 161 formed the paperwork for the 2018 Annual General Meeting, available on request.

Issue 160 – September 2017

A Baldwin Latham Centenary: Croydon’s famous Sanitary Engineer (1836-1917) ― Croydon Minster’s Saxon origins ― Maintenance at 96a Brighton Road ― Two dragonflies ― Ornithology visit to Elmley ― 1917 meteorological report

Issue 159 – March 2017

William Henry Campart 1796-1870 ― Baldwin Latham’s 1868 map of Croydon ― Remembering Frank Marshall Roberts 1880-1917 ― Paying your subscription ― Robert B. Slack, a pioneer aviator at Coulsdon ― Body snatchers ― A sad year for Churchill Road, Croydon: 1907

Issue 158 formed the paperwork for the 2017 Annual General Meeting, available on request.

Issue 157 – September 2016

The Wood White butterfly in Surrey ― A Saturday job ― Croydon’s ‘Heritage Index’ ― 100 years ago ― A chapter in the history of schools in Croydon ― Wall painting in the old Croydon Parish Church ― Beating the Bounds in Croydon in 1894 ― Book review: Radical Reformers and Respectable Rebels by Jocelyn Robson ― Some Society photos

Issue 156 – March 2016

A ‘granite’ boulder found embedded in the chalk ― The Revd Charles Maddock Arnold and the Window of Angels ― Notice: Data Protection ― Shaking the Universe ― East and New Croydon Stations in 1894

Issue 155 formed the paperwork for the 2016 Annual General Meeting, available on request.

Issue 154 – September 2015

‘Hang’d in chains’ in Croydon in 1750: James Cooper, murderer ― Book Review: An Early 20th Century Tram Journey from Norbury to Streatham by David Clark ― 100 years ago

Issue 153 – March 2015

The Croydon rabies outbreak of 1895 ― A map in the Society’s Collections ― John Maberly of Shirley Park ― In the footsteps of William Hadden Beeby, on Croham Hurst in 2014 ― The Zeppelin bombing raid of 1915 ― A new website for the Society

Issue 152 formed the paperwork for the 2015 Annual General Meeting, available on request.

Issue 151 – September 2014

Jean-Baptiste Say’s day trip to Croydon ― Croydon’s Conservation Officer ― A very special Founder’s Day ― A newshound’s lament at Reigate in 1840 ― Stories my father told me ― Rochester in Selsdon ― 100 years ago ― Fatal accident on the Central Croydon branch line ― Obituary: Mary Verena Whorlow, FRCO [1921–2013] ― From the Membership Secretary

Issue 150 – March 2014

Football by electric light ― A bishop recalls his childhood in Waddon ― Former member’s bequest to the Society ― Our long-standing members ― Obituary: Tom Samson [1921 – 2013] ― Visit to Billingsgate Roman bathhouse ― Know your faults: a faulty observation at Merstham ― From the Membership Secretary ― Book Reviews: Butterflies of Surrey Revisited, A history of Norbury, Concretopia ― Two paintings of Croydon ― Focus on Alfred Russel Wallace

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