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‘Inns of Croydon’ Zoom talk by Dr Trevor James

Date: Monday 26th July

Time: 7.35 for 7.45pm

Place: Zoom

Description: Dr Trevor James will re-interpret his research from fifty years ago and will consider the role of Croydon’s inns in the emergence of the town as a major centre.

To book:

• Members please book by Friday 23rd July

• Email with ZOOM INNS in the subject heading

• You should receive a Zoom link by 11am on Saturday 24th July – if you do not, please then email asap

• If you pass details of this talk to a non-member please ask them to state that they are a visitor when they book. They will then on the morning of the talk receive a Zoom link if there is a place available or an apology if there is not.

Other talks in the current Programme:

Wed 25 August 19:45 – ECOLOGY TALK – “Introducing Fungi”, by Dr Jane McLauchlin. Many people have got to know our local green open spaces better during Covid-19 lockdown. Don’t stop visiting in autumn as there is lots to see. TO BOOK, email with ZOOM FUNGI in the subject heading by Sunday 22 August.

Monday 20 September 19:45 – ZOOM TALK – “Gales, Greenhouses and Global Warming”. Ian Currie will look at various changes of climate across the UK back through geological time and explain how they may have happened. There is much evidence to show that we are currently in a climate change regime with a trend to warmer conditions. This latest change of climate may be the first that Man has anything to do with. So what may have caused past ice ages when the Southeast was as cold as the Arctic or experienced tropical rain forest conditions more like the Amazon? Ian will look at possible causes. What will the impact be for the UK and more locally for Hants, Kent, Surrey and Sussex if this current pattern continues with flooding being one important topic? What will the future hold for coastal communities? TO BOOK, email with ZOOM GALES in the subject heading by Friday 17 September.

Wed 20 October 19:45 – ZOOM TALK – “LiDAR as a citizen science tool: Kent and Surrey case studies”. LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging – has become a particularly useful tool for detecting archaeological sites and features in recent years. Dr Anne Sassin of Kent Downs AONB and Surrey Archaeological Society will talk about its use as a research tool in archaeology, and how interactive mapping and engagement in both Kent and Surrey have not only revealed sites of interest, but become successful community outreach projects. TO BOOK, email with ZOOM LIDAR in the subject heading by Sunday 17 October.

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