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‘A plague upon all your houses: epidemic disease and our ancestors’ Zoom talk by Dr Janet Few

Date: Wednesday 14th April

Time: 7.35 for 7.45pm

Place: Zoom

Description: In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are acutely aware of our own responses to a virulent epidemic disease for which we had no effective method of prevention or cure. What epidemics impacted on the lives of our ancestors? How did they attempt to prevent or cure these diseases and how effective were these measures? How did governments and local authorities respond to these threats? This presentation examines the symptoms, prognoses and treatments for a number of well-known and less well-known epidemic diseases from the Black Death to the influenza of 1918. It mentions some of the relevant records and considers how our ancestors might have reacted.

To book:

• Members please book by Sunday 11th April

• Email with ZOOM PLAGUE in the subject heading

• You should receive a Zoom link by 11am on the day before, Tuesday 13th April – if you do not, please then email asap

• If you pass details of this talk to a non-member please ask them to state that they are a visitor when they book. They will then receive a Zoom link on the morning of the talk if there is a place available.

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