All general correspondence should be addressed to the Society at its Registered Office:

    • 96a Brighton Road,
      South Croydon,
      CR2 6AD.

For enquiries please email, or contacts as below.

The Elected Officers are Members of Council and they, with the Ordinary Members of Council, are all Directors of the Limited Company.

Elected Officers

  • President: Carole Roberts
  • Vice-Presidents: John Hickman, Ian G Payne, Brian Lancaster
  • Editor: Brian Lancaster
  • General Secretary: Tony Skrzypczyk
  • Librarian: Tony Skrzypczyk
  • Museum Curator: vacant
  • Treasurer: Brenda Hawkins

Ordinary Members of Council

  • John B Greig
  • Ken Woodhams
  • Pam Buttrey
  • Esther Mann
  • Edward Hart

Section Secretaries and Other Appointed Positions

  • Archaeology consultant: Christopher J W Taylor
  • Bulletin: email us
  • Company Secretary: Ian Payne email
  • Conservation Officer: Dr Jane McLauchlin
  • Curators of the John Gent Collection: John Hickman & Carole Roberts
  • Ecology: Dr Jane McLauchlin
  • Entomology: Graham Collins
  • Information: email us
  • Membership & Subscriptions: email us
  • Ornithology: Mavis Barber; Phil & Marion Hodgson email us
  • Programme team: Carole Roberts & Tony Skrzypczyk email us
  • Sales Officer: Brian Lancaster email
  • Web Managers: Mark Tyson and Carole Roberts
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