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TALK: Mrs Pankhurst’s Purple Feather

Monday 29th April, 19:45 at the Small Hall, East Croydon United Reformed Church. This talk is by Tessa Boase, author of the book of the same name. Twelve years before the suffragette movement began dominating headlines a very different women’s campaign caught the public imagination: to save birds from the cruel fashion for feathered hats.…

TALK: The World of Grasses

Unmowed Grass (Photo: Natubico/Wikimedia (Creative Commons 4.0))

Wednesday, 13 July – Dr Maria Vorontsova Lawn grasses are small but they belong to the most important family of plants. Dr Maria Vorontsova, taxonomist at Kew Gardens, introduces herbarium taxonomy as carried out at Kew Gardens, its application to the study of evolution, and its relationship to our knowledge of British plants. The evening includes a practical…