TALK: This is Wren

St Bride Fleet Street, steeple

St Bride Fleet Street, steeple

Monday 28 September – Tony Tucker

“The Classical, the Baroque and the City of London churches: his life and career as scientist, astronomer and architect – focusing on the churches.”

A talk by the City of London guide, Tony Tucker, looking at the life and work of the greatest English architect, Sir Christopher Wren.

Beginning with a summary of Wren’s life, the talk includes his education and his work as a medic, a scientist and as the leading astronomer of his day.  This is followed by a review of Wren’s architectural influences and achievements, with digital photographs of all his major buildings, such as Trinity College Library in Cambridge, the royal hospitals at Chelsea and Greenwich and, of course, St Paul’s Cathedral.  The lecture then focuses in detail on Wren’s City churches, with their incredible variety and elegant steeples, a group of churches unique in the world and of exceptional originality and architectural merit, their interiors featuring the craftsmanship of the great woodcarvers, stonemasons and plasterers working alongside Wren in the post-Great Fire rebuilding programme.

Books on Wren:
Wren, by Margaret Whinney
On A Grander Scale: The Outstanding Career of Sir Christopher Wren, by Lisa Jardine
His Invention So Fertile: The Life of Christopher Wren, by Adrian Tinniswood
The Architecture of Wren, by Kerry Downes

Books on the City of London Churches:
London: The City Churches, by Nikolaus Pevsner (updated by Simon Bradley)
The Visitors Guide to the City of London Churches, by Tony Tucker

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