The Heritage Festival approaches…

Croydon Heritage Festival logo, 20-28 June 2015

Croydon Heritage Festival: 20-28 June 2015

The Croydon Heritage Festival is once again upon us, promoted by the Whitgift Foundation, with a theme for this year of ‘Famous Croydon’. The programme is wider-ranging than that, however, with opportunities to visit important historic Croydon landmarks alongside some fascinating walks, talks and exhibitions.

Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society is well-represented in the programme, starting with a stall on North End for Croydon Heritage Day on 20 June 2015 – pop along to buy our publications, postcards and maps. We’ll be there alongside a diverse range of other Croydon organisations amidst a generally buzzy atmosphere in the town centre.

The main CNHSS events for the remainder of the week are:

Open Day at our Museum in Chipstead on 28 June 2015refer to our programme for details of how to get in touch with the Curator and let him know you’re coming;

A reprise of the popular talk on the John Gent Postcard Collection on 23 June 2015, by Society President, John Hickman, and Society Council Member, Carole Roberts;

On Saturday 27 June 2015, a talk on the town’s past theatres by Carole Roberts and Richard Norman.

There’s plenty more as well: browse the Croydon Heritage Festival website, or download the booklet – and check the website periodically as more events may get pop up. The Twitter hashtag is #famouscroydon.

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