Annual General Meeting, with Presidential Address

CNHSS Bulletin - AGM edition title pageThursday 23 April 2015 saw the 144th Annual General Meeting of Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society. The meeting took place in the David Sweet Hall at East Croydon United Reformed Church. Members of the Society voted to adopt the Directors’ Report and the annual accounts, and appointed the officers of the Society and Ordinary Members of Council, who together form the Directors of the Company and the Trustees of the charity.

They were elected as follows:

President: John I Hickman

Vice-President: Jane McLauchlin
Vice-President: Ronald Brooker
Vice-President: Celia E Bailey
Vice President: Ian G Payne

Hon. Curator: Christopher J W Taylor
Hon. Editor: Brian Lancaster
Hon. General Secretary: John B Grieg
Hon. Librarian: Paul W Sowan
Hon Treasurer: T Paul Rainey

Ordinary Members: Brenda Hawkins, Carole A Roberts, Tony Skrzypczyk, Mark Tyson, David Waghorn.

The meeting also approved an increase to membership fees for the Society, to £18 per annum for Ordinary Membership and £175 for life membership.  This will take effect from January 2016.

Presidential Address: Mr Ian G. Payne ‘History & Circumstance’

After the conclusion of formal business, and some refreshments, the Society’s President, Ian Payne, gave his second Presidential Address under the title History & Circumstance. Family research reveals 18th Century Inventory, Red shirt bandsman, Saskatchewan land grants, downed aircraft, Pogroms, Auschwitz, Nazi era insurance policies, mental asylum, questions of Jewishness, stolen grandparents and much more.

Twitter hashtag (including for the Presidential Address): #CNHSSAGM15

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